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Part of Gateway Group, located in St. Boniface Industrial Park - Winnipeg.

finished books with hole punching and plastic coil applied

45 Coil Colors

Stand out from the crowd with 45 different coil colors to choose from. Size ranges from 6mm to 50mm at any length and we can also double-coil for those larger projects.

45 Color Plastikoil chart

What we do for you

We are your one-stop shop for any Bindery project. You can bring your project pre-printed, or we can print for you on our digital presses. Any size from business cards up to 13 x 19 is printable. Most people drop off and pick up their orders, but we can ship worldwide.

Hole Drilling

Need to insert your sheets into a binder and need two or three holes? Making a Calendar and only need one? We can do that! There is even an assortment of sizes to pick from to fit any job.


If you need handouts to be folded in half or tri-fold brochures, we handle orders of all sizes.


Single or double-sided lamination on up to 12 x 18 sheets is available. Great for posters, menu cards, and covers for a booklet.


You can have up to 50 sheets stapled together. One on the corner, or three down the side for a booklet. Multiple options available to fit your needs.


Our most popular binding option comes in 45 colors! A single coil can be used for small notebooks or calendars. Booklets up to 1 7/8” (or 47mm) can be bound using a single coil, and a double coil can handle booklets up to 3” (75mm) in thickness.


Does your project come in multiple parts? Let us handle the assembly for you.

Tabs and Inserts

When putting together a binder or booklet, there are often tabs and other inserts. This is all part of the many services we can offer you.


Our precision guillotines can cut stacks of paper up to 3 inches at a time. When you have 2 or more pages printed on a single sheet of paper, we make a clean cut for a great result.

Coil Binding in Action!

Gateway Bookbinding - Digital Printing
Digital Printing

We have two types of high-speed digital printers. One for color work and the other for black & white. These high-speed printers can handle large volumes at a fantastic price. View our price guide below to get an idea on what you can save by using our printing service.

Stack of finished Booklets with Hole Punching & Binding
Booklets and More

Most of the work we do is Punching and Binding with a choice of coil colors. We offer a quick turnaround of any size project at a great price. This includes booklets, handouts and certificates to name just a few.

Pricing Sample

50 Page booklet

10 4.15 15.93 19.69
50 0.92 4.27 8.51
100 0.53 2.45 6.05
500 0.42 1.74 5.39
1,000 0.37 1.48 4.73

50 Page Booklet
c/w Laminated Covers

10 4.15 21.72 22.12 22.09
50 0.92 5.87 6.28 9.41
100 0.53 3.45 3.78 6.77
500 0.42 2.52 2.87 6.13
1,000 0.37 2.15 4.36 5.38

200 Page Booklet
c/w Laminated Covers

10 4.26 19.77 25.04 36.44
50 1.16 8.65 10.97 26.49
100 0.85 6.26 7.89 20.88
500 0.82 5.63 7.13 20.27
1,000 0.72 4.93 6.25 17.95

NOTES: As you can see the pricing is better at 50 items or more. At a quantity of 10, the setup charges make pricing very high per unit.
Actual pricing will vary depending on the paper you choose and other factors.
Please call or email for a quote.

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P: (204) 222-4294
F: (204) 224-4410
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Other Services

  • Gateway Publishing

    For commercial and private publishing, we offer Short Run Book Printing, Policy Manuals, Employee Handbooks and Self-Publishing printing. All bound with your choice from 45 colors of coil or perfect bond with glue.

  • Plastikoil

    We not only produce the plastic filament and coil that is used in Binding booklets, but machinery as well. If you are interested in Punching Equipment or Coil Inserters visit our site.

About Us

Gateway Bookbinding started in business over 50 years ago printing Cookbooks for fundraisers. Something that we still do with a passion! As part of our growing process over the years we produce our own filament and coil in 45 different colors. These products are sold worldwide!

From cookbooks and commercial printing to Bindery and coil we handle it all. Gateway is a leading diversified manufacturer in the publishing, bookbinding and plastic manufacturing industry servicing local, national and international markets. Innovative design, quality products and outstanding customer service is just the start of what we offer.